Our Beginning 

Our lake journey started way back in 1992 with questionable friends and borrowed money. Weekend commutes to the Lake of the Ozarks became the norm shortly after our first visit. Nothing felt quite like driving over the hill and glimpsing our first view of the lake. It was like a different world from the city and we were hooked.

With enough money for a boat or somewhere to sleep the choice was clear. That boat was a very used 24ft single engine Sea Ray Sundancer with a top speed of around 25mph. It would even get up on plane if everyone was standing on the bow. Countless weekends on the water were spent sleeping down in the cuddy tied up to docks all over the Lake. Great times on the water.

A short 12 years later our family made the move permanently to the Lake and got our first taste of working on the water. With our friends the Barretts, we built and founded the World Famous Shorty Pants Lounge and Gas Dock. It was there that the kids first experienced true lake life. Work just didn’t seem quite so bad when it was done wearing a swimsuit on the dock. Fast forward to today and we are still loving lake life. In fact our lake house is just over the hill from where we started 30 years ago and a short walk or slightly longer swim to Shorty Pants. We still spend our days on the water soaking up the sun whenever possible. You’ll find us on our boat or out and about on the Sea Doo’s all summer long.

Our company’s goal is to bring that insanely awesome lake feeling to you. When Lainy’s love for fashion and apparel grew while finishing up at Lipscomb University, it only seemed natural to combine her love for the lake with clothing. If wearing a swimsuit as a dock girl pumping gas and spending every free moment on the boat while growing up can translate into a shirt, she can do it. If you could earn a degree in Lake, she would have it. And it shows in everything we do. As we expanded into dock accessories, we had the same goal in mind, we want you to enjoy every second of your time spent at the lake. We set out on a journey to create the highest quality and best looking dock sun shades on the market. 

p.s. We have been asked numerous times about the reason behind the name Dock Company. The answer is really pretty simple….even though boating and water sports rule the water, our best times and crazy unforgettable memories, our biggest laughs and the most fun happen with a cold drink in our hand relaxing with friends and family back on the dock. Dock Company only seemed fitting!

 - The Kendalls, Lainy, Gage, Jack, Larry, and G

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